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Hey everyone,

As a film student, I've really wanted to do a high quality cosplay music video for some time now. I think it would be a lot of fun to produce something that raises the standards for quality in CMV's. I found a song I like that works with the premise I want to use, so I decided that this summer is the time, which means I'm starting to look for people and organizing now. So if you're interested, here's the details.

The song is going to be Good Time by Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen.

I need as many Kaito and Miku song variants as I can find. (So outfits like Yami No Ou, Cendrillon, World is Mine, etc)

You must live in the bay area, as this will be a multi weekend commitment.

Filming will span over 4 days, likely 2 subsequent weekends.

If you don't cosplay Kaito or Miku, but do cosplay other vocaloids and are interested, there will be one day of the shoot I will need as many other vocaloids as are available.

I will post more updates as more details are fleshed out, and hope that I will be able to find enough people to make this happen.
Realized it's been about a year since my last journal entry, shows how active I am on here >_<

Anyways, Fanime's coming up, and as usual I've waited too long to start on things, not entirely fucked yet, but have three cosplays to make, and some props, so we'll see what happens. The line up for fanime is tentatively as follows:

Friday - Tales of Vesperia Yuri

Saturday - FF7 Cloud (Game Version)

Sunday - Yume Kakeuta Kaito, then Creeping it up at the B&W Ball

Monday - HOTD Takashi

Like I said, it's tentative still, as I'm not 100% sure some of the things will happen etc etc.

Anyways, hopefully this years fanime can be a good one where everyone is illness free >_<
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obvious secret team edward fan is obvious

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 1, 2010, 12:33 AM
damn, that is one hawt icon, if only it sparkled my april fools day would be complete!

seriously though, of all things, that is one fucked up april fools joke to play, I have to look at that all day when I'm on DA today, harsh >_<

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con ness

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 11, 2010, 4:57 PM
So we got back from sac anime last night, and we had fun, though 90% of it didn't involve the con at all, and really, the con sucked, outside of the rave, which was amazing, and basically the only reason I actually go to sac anime anymore.

Friday, was a free day, so people did whatever they pleased, which meant I ended up doing Melt version Kaito (link here:… ) had a small photoshoot with the few other vocaloids there, waiting to see how those photos came out. Overall a pretty low key day.

Saturday, was rvb, epic win funtime, we started filming a skit, which we should finish today, and we got stopped more than I thought we would for photos as rvb. Regardless, fun to do, plain and simple, and later on in the night was the rave, 4 hours of win, followed by passing out afterwards.

Sunday, we did One Piece, where I premiered Zoro, which I have no solo photos of because it isn't quite finished yet, need new boots, swords, and to trim the wig down a little bit. Not a bad cosplay though, we did a mini photoshoot, perused the dealers hall a bit, then went to get fresh choice, and headed home.

overall, not a bad weekend, just the majority of the fun didn't come from the con, but from the people I spent time with over the weekend :)

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Journal Entry: Fri Oct 16, 2009, 2:05 AM
So after having to try and get caught up on roughly 3 and a half weeks of e-business assignments last night, I needed a break, so I bought myself a subscription to play around with, and so far, it's definitely fun.

Anyways, updates, let's see, I'm slowly starting to put up more photos since I've been neglecting that a bit lately, on the new costume front, nothing new for Y-con, just gonna be K again this year, with Shunsui for our masquerade skit (and no, Ukitake is not involved *shudders* ) and halloween version of Vexen from KH2. After Y-con, I'll be starting on Zoro (those swords are gonna be a bitch) and Kaito, otherwise, I will most likely be fixing up old cosplays that desperately need it.

I'm really hoping the weather is good for Y-con, cuz I haven't really taken photos in about a month or so, so I'm kinda getting the itch again. Been spending a lot of my time the last couple weeks boffing, and making boffs for said boffing. For those who don't know, boffing is fighting with foam weapons so you can hit like a man (usually) and not injure each other (hopefully)

Anyways, since I have been itching to take some photos, if anyone has a photo they'd like to see that I can feasibly take, lemme know, could be fun.

Cuz I'm fuckin' DaVinci,


P.S. Holy Shittles a Green Day journal skin *SQUEAL!*

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well let's see, what do people do when nothing they do is really exciting them? Maybe I'm just tired, but everything just seems very meh, like I've done this before, played this game, watched these videos, can't really afford to go out and buy anything outside of food and gas, reading hasn't been enthralling lately, I look through photos I've taken and get frustrated so I don't feel like going out and taking more. Iono, maybe it's an off day, who knows, hanging out with people usually maintains its fun, but obviously that isn't all the time >_<

In other news, fall con season, hopefully means 3 cons in 3 months, maybe a couple new cosplays, no idea yet, Sac-Anime is first up, should be interesting seeing the new venue. Then AWA hopefully, which is entirely new to me, and will be good to see Baki. Then Y-con, which was fun last year despite all the penis' floating around.

Hmm... :iconwiltingdahlia: and :iconbakichan: tagged me for one of those things, maybe that'll give me something to do lol
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So for those of you that don't know, PulsatingImagination, WiltingDahlia, and myself have started a new webshow called Mang-Jection on YouTube.

In it we'll be reviewing each weeks chapters of Naruto and Bleach, there has unfortunately been so much bad in those two series lately that we felt someone had to document it, but who knows, maybe the mangaka will start fixing things soon.…

If you like what you see, subscribe, as we'll be updating each week, if you see something that you think could be fixed or use changing, feel free to comment on here as constructive criticism is always welcome :D
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why do I procrastinate?

because owning nubs in counterstrike is fun - maybe

because watching more anime is fun - maybe

because pretending to do homework and study while playing with my ds is fun - maybe

because the thought of working on stuff for fanime both excites me and scares the shit out of me - definitely

I have the fabric, and the patterns, and the clay, and the time, but every time I look at what I have to get done I get an awesome "oh shit, I'm fucked" feeling, but now it's like a month or so from Fanime and I have much to do, and still have to order base wigs. So basically after the Sakura Festival this weekend I'm gonna need some kind of incentive to get my ass in gear, cuz I'm so stoked for fanime that I don't want to fuck up my cosplays.

Anyways, here's what I have planned for Fanime:

Thursday - who knows, probably some form of AU Black*Star
Friday - MAYBE Yozak (Kyo Kara Maoh)
Saturday - Hughes (FMA) Suigetsu (Naruto) Black*Star (Soul Eater)
Sunday - Pendulum Shunsui (Bleach) Sanosuke (Rurouni Kenshin)
Monday - Maybe Kisuke (Bleach) or Basketball Black*Star
Event Specific - Black and White Ball Black*Star and rave Black*Star

so I very well might be forgetting something, because I am rather scatterbrained at the moment, so I might update this, but once the time comes, I should be going crazy excited at Fanime *crosses fingers*

Cuz I'm fucking DaVinci
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So lately I've been feeling more and more excited for the upcoming cons, like I need to get out and run around a con for a weekend, being ridiculous, I can't wait to be Black Star at a con, might have a fucking cosgasm :p

But yeah, just feel the need to run around a con until the wee hours of the morning, singing and laughing, and stumbling into hentai rooms that contain aliens and schoolgirls to have the word cavernous completely redefined >_<

As well I've been wanting to tackle cosplaying my favorite series that I've been putting off cosplaying from for fear of not being able to do a character justice, so we'll see how it goes once I figure it out

Anyways, I can't wait to get the con season started, should be a lot of fun, it'll be my first time for a few cons I think :D

Cuz I'm fucking DaVinci
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Well, it's midnight, and I've got a speech to give in about seven hours, and I'm still not sure exactly what I'll be saying in that I'm fairly sure I'm boned, good times eh?

Other than school I'm starting to get excited for Sac-Anime, not really for the con itself, but more for the fact that I'm hopefully going to get to debut Black Star there, and get to run around like crazy shouting things about myself after climbing onto the highest thing I can find, ah, that should be a glorious weekend...

I've done pretty much everything to procrastinate from working on my speech, even made a new Devart ID, which killed all of five minutes >_< I really feel like chainsawing some bitches right now (those of you that actually get the reference *high five...wait...I'm too busy chainsawing bitches to high five anyone*)

anyways, I hope everyone has something fun planned for the Christmas season whether it's with family or loved ones, until next time...

Cuz I'm fucking DaVinci.
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is tomorrow...and I have to work...epic fail, so I don't get to hang out with the rest of okage that's coming down, which is annoying, le sigh, oh well, at least I can still look forward to Sac-Anime hopefully, since we might be doing some cool stuff there, with our skit, and some debut'ed cosplays,

hmm I guess that's really it atm, pretty boring, just slowly working on costumes getting ready for upcoming cons to be excited for, skit ideas, all that fun stuff.

umm I guess we're taking kiriban photos this weekend, so that should be fun at least, we'll see.

I might be forgetting stuff, but iono, I'm out of it after having a test today, damn school.
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was an interesting endeavor >_<

but all in all the fun had was well worth it, don't feel like doing a long journal, mostly cuz I'm lazy, but I definitely enjoyed myself and was very pleased with the cosplayers I met from Wayward Destiny and FDP, had a lot of fun talking with them, and hopefully they'll make it to another con in the US soon, whether it's coming from all the way across the ocean, or just over a border :p

even though our masquerade skit went less than satisfactory (I suppose the we were cursed to begin with when we decided to do a skit with no yaoi in it >_< ) it was still enjoyable, lessons learned for next year. All in all, even if you're a straight guy, a panel on yaoi positions can still make you laugh hysterically :p

Jangular (cuz I'm fucking DaVinci)

member of Okage-Sama De~ Productions
so, it's a couple days before Sac-Anime, and I have a lot I need to do, so I'm going crazy stressing out, cuz it's probably not all gonna get done since I'm gonna be at ESWC today and tomorrow, for those that don't know, ESWC is like the olympics of computer gaming, so yeah, excited about that, but I need to finish the recording for the skit, record and edit the music video, and find sandals for Kisuke, that's if I ignore finishing my Vexen cosplay, which a lot of things need to be found or made or whatever.

Anyways, after that it's finishing my K cosplay for Y-con, get ready for a big counter strike source lan, go to the lan, then the week after go to Y-con, oh yeah, I have to finish my Vexen shield, and I'd like to put another coat of paint on my Zabuza sword to give it the three toned look it has in the anime, but iono if I will seeing as I want to find a better material to remake it anyways,

I'm rambling now, but needless to say I'm stressing out but I'm very much looking forward to the next months activities!
So I noted that I would be taking more photos and updating this devart, then I realized all the cosplay related photos I take go to our Okage-Sama De~ Devart page, so it might be awhile before I take some non cosplay related photos for this page.

But with that said, we should be having our second cosplay tea mini con next month, just waiting for the official invite video to get posted, when it does it'll be here,…

As well, I do believe we're going to be have a logo contest for the creation of an Okage-Sama De~ Productions logo, so hopefully we'll get a cool turnout for both that and the tea :)
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Ok, so I've had the urge to start actively updating this thing and taking photos, a lot of which will be cosplay related, but still some just general art or photojournalism photos.

I took the time to delete all the excess photos that were far from my good work, there's still some up that are in dire need of editing still, but might look nice once finished.

Anyways, hopefully I'll be able to keep this up, I'll have people pushing me to edit the cosplay photos though so those should pop out on a regular basis, if you're into cosplay, check out our DevArt Okage-Sama-De or our Youtube…

Chris - Jangular
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I just figured I should throw something new up, seeing as the last journal is nearly five months old.
Well I'm back, but I've got some bad news, my batteries died halfway through my trip, and the photo shop gave me the wrong batteries, so instead of twenty-one rolls, it was cut down to nine rolls, quite a difference, I'm really upset about it, but I'm still loading up the photos from the trip.
Well, I'm leaving for Paris tomorrow morning, and I'm quite excited. I'm taking 21 rolls of film with me, so I'm hoping that I'll get at least a few decent photographs. Well, hope for the best, and I'll be back in about a week.
I hate grades, I think they should have never been invented. I can't get my awesome new camera until my grades get up. So don't expect any new pictures up anytime soon because I am working on my grades so I can take some more pretty photos.